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Gerena & Associates has the mission of providing evidence-based clinical mental health services to children, adolescents, and adults within a multi-systemic approach, while jointly forming the foundation of future research endeavors, fostering the pursuit of learning through coordinated educational efforts, and ultimately uniting with the community in developing a comprehensive level of care.
The History:
Gerena & Associates was founded in Broward County, Florida, by a licensed psychologist, as a means of expanding mental health services to at need clients by increasing the breadth of quality clinical mental health services afforded. The goal was to foster clinical, research, and educational partnerships that would confidently meet individual, familial, and community mental health needs through the development, implementation, and supervision of specialized clinical assessments, therapeutic interventions, training programs, educational experiences, and research endeavors.

Targeted Population:
Gerena & Associates provides clinical mental health services to children, adolescents, and adults of differing races, ethnicities, developmental stages, intellectual abilities, achievement skills, social backgrounds, and economic levels. To varying degrees, and dependent upon the nature of the referral, our focus is on systematically identifying mental health needs, operationally defining key areas of clinical attention, designing practical and easy-to-implement treatment plans, utilizing traditional and creative intervention strategies, monitoring incremental and overall progress via objective and subjective outcome measures, and joining with the community in developing effective discharge plans.

Fundamental Values & Goals:
Gerena & Associates prides itself on the fundamental values of upholding high levels of ethical practice, cultural competency, and clinical expertise, with the penultimate goals being those of cultivating scientific inquiry, formulating well-designed research studies, publicly presenting our findings for critical review, and expectantly implementing modifications in the provision of services to where evidence points. Within this context, the professionals at Gerena & Associates are dedicated to remaining abreast of applicable professional codes and governing laws, capitalizing upon our diverse backgrounds and unique skills, maintaining practice proficiency though continuous training and education, and sharing in the community’s responsibility for providing clinical mental health services to those in need of specialized care irrespective of their race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and/or financial standing.

Cultural Competence:
Gerena & Associates is an agency distinct in its ability to provide clinical mental health services to underserved populations in their native languages of English and Spanish. Given the diverse backgrounds of our employees there exist a unique understanding for, and knowledge about, differing cultures, customs, and social mores, but the overall work environment continuously challenges professionals to consider the impact one’s background can potentially have on seeking out, adhering to, and attaining success within, clinical mental health services. In effect, we aspire to function from a culturally un-encapsulated model of care by continuously evaluating personal biases during the delivery of services, securing outside consultation and supervision when clinically
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